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Lent Reflections – Day 34

Lent reflection: Monday 06th April 2020

Bible Reading: John 19: 16-22
Jesus is brought to Golgotha and crucified. A sign is placed above his head: ‘The King of the Jews’.
The sign is written in three languages: Aramaic, Latin and Greek; these languages were the most commonly spoken in Israel at the time.
Pontius Pilate was mocking Jesus. He had had Him stripped, beaten and now he had Jesus nailed to a cross.
Pilate was saying, ‘What type of King is this?’ These words were declared with mockery and disdain.
In worldly terms, Jesus has been brought to the point of the lowest of the low and treated as a common criminal.
This is our broken King.
Jesus has humbled Himself to the point of death. There is an extreme amount of power that flows through this action.
There no greater love than the one that is displayed on that cross by Jesus. It is the action of the King of Love and Grace and has a power that is far greater than the world’s power.
It is a shameful action, and yet it is greater than the world’s determination to humiliate and degrade.
This is a Love that endures a horrible, painful death. Jesus hung there on that cross for us.
And He does all of this because He sees our pain; He hears the cry of our hearts. He knows that we are ravaged by the power of Sin.
And as this power holds Him to the cross, so He endures it. He takes it on Himself and in this humble, selfless act, He overwhelms its power and destroys it.
His victory sets of free from the grip of Sin and sets us on a new path, away from death and towards a life lived fully towards the one true King, who lays down His life so that we all might live.
Lord God,
You are worthy of glory and praise. We bow down before you, Lord Jesus and worship you.
We declare that you are king over our lives and we thank you for the sacrifice you made.
You are the king of love, hope and grace and we thank you conquered the power of Sin so that we can live lives freely for you.
In Jesus name,

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