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Lent Reflections – Day 33

Lent Reflection: Saturday 04th April 2020

Bible Reading: John 19:12-16a
Pilate is stuck between a rock and a hard place. He is backed into a corner.
He wanted to release Jesus, to set Him free. Pilate found no guilt in Him.
But now the Jews appeal to Caesar. They tell Pilate, “This man calls Himself a king, therefore He makes Himself an enemy of Caesar. If you release Him, then you too are an enemy of Caesar.”
Pilate knows he has no other option.
At midday, on the day of Preparation of the Passover, Pilate brings Jesus out and sits down on the judgement seat in a place called the Stone Pavement.
“Here is your King!”, Pilate says to the Jews.
“Away with Him!” The crowd cries, “We have no king but Caesar!”
Blasphemy was the charge that the Jews had brought against Jesus. They were furious that Jesus would call Himself God’s Son.
Now, to get their own way, they commit a greater blasphemy.
God had always meant to be King over the people of Israel. But the people of Israel had always sought to turn their back on their true King.
Back in the Old Testament, in the First book of Samuel, chapter 8, the Israelites had first rejected God as King and demanded that a man to be made king over them so that they could be like the nations around them.
God is His gracious way, had granted the request of the people. But it came with a stern warning.
God told the people that the king would take their sons and daughters to serve him; that he would take the best of their produce, and that he would make the people his slaves.
‘When all of this has happened to you,’ God warned, ‘then you will cry out, but I will not answer your cries.’
Now, the chief priests, had once again turned their back on their King, and demanded another rule over them.
Their God and King was stood before their very eyes and yet they could not see Him.
Jesus submits to their request. But it comes with the same warning.
Slavery and destruction is the path that the Jewish nation is now set on again.
The path of Jesus is now also set. To the cross the King must go.
Heavenly Father,
We thank you for your grace and mercy. We thank you that you hear the cries of our hearts and that you are mighty to save us.
Lord Jesus,
We declare that you are King over our lives. You are the One who has rescued us from the shackles of slavery to Sin; you are the One who has rescued us from the despair of Death.
Holy Spirit,
Fill us with your power so that we might always see our great King who stands before us.
In your name, Lord Jesus, we pray,

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