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Lent Reflections – Day 28

Lent Reflection: Monday 30th March 2020

Bible Reading: John 18: 19-24
Jesus is brought before the high priests who represent the religious authority within the Jewish faith.
They are blinded by fear. If Jesus causes a rebellion the Romans could retaliate by destroying the temple and banning Jewish people from practicing their faith.
If Jesus admits that He is the messiah, then they have grounds to punish him. This is an attempt to grab back power from Jesus, to reaffirm that they are the ones in control, that the laws they control are all that matter.
Here we can see the clash between the law being used to control people and the love that Jesus brings to set people free.
The law was never given to induce fear or keep people in line. The laws were there to give a lifeline between God and man, to enable people to be in relationship with God.
Bono the lead singer of U2 once said: ‘Religion often gets in the way of God’. The things that have been done in the name of religion have been horrific, no good has ever come from following the law to the point where people no longer matter or are devalued.
What Jesus represented was revolutionary. It was an outpouring of love that covered all sin, shame and fear, and this was weaved throughout Jesus teaching: ‘Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfil them.’ (Mathew 5:17).
The religious leaders never understood this and only saw him as a threat to their power.
Lord God,
We thank you that your love for us in not dependant on fear or obedience but your grace and love.
We pray against any fear that may hold us prisoner in the name of Jesus and declare a spirit of peace, grace and Love to rest on each one of us.
We thank you that you conquered fear and that Love won.
In Jesus name,

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