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Lent Reflections – Day 27

Lent Reflection: Saturday 28th March 2020

Bible Reading: John 18:15-18
Peter’s world has just collapsed. His teacher and friend, the man who taught him everything that he had come to base his life on for the past three years has been arrested.
From Peter’s perspective this was not how it was supposed to go. Jesus is the messiah, the liberator of the Jewish people; He was meant to bring revolution and change the world, and Peter would be a part of it.
And yet, here Peter stands in a courtyard, in the shadows of a house Jesus was shackled in restraints and taken to – and Jesus didn’t even put up a fight…
Three years of identity have just imploded for Peter: expectations, certainties and promises have vanished, or at least become less clear. Peter’s mind must have been going at a million miles an hour when he was warming his hands by that fire.
And then a servant girl sees him and asks: ‘You one of this man’s disciples, aren’t you?’ Peter replies: ‘I am not.’
This is an identity crisis wrapped up in a fear of being found out. Peter doesn’t know who he is any more.
We can all identify with Peter at that moment. We have all experienced times when parts of our own identity are being shaken, when things we thought would never change are being called into question – and society is taking a very different shape at the moment.
Fear is a natural reaction and I think we’re all wondering: who am I in this situation?
We all run the risk of living our lives according to who we think Jesus ‘should’ be in our lives. Just like Peter, we tend to have expectations of who Jesus was as the messiah.
But Jesus is calling us, he’s asking us to trust Him, to know Him for who he truly is.
The world doesn’t make sense at the moment and it’s a place of fear, but Jesus knows exactly what’s going on and asks us to ‘be still’ and know Him, to pursue Him first, to trust Him.
When we know that our identity is found in and with Jesus, then that helps us to realise that He is with us and for us.
The word for us all today is to be still and seek Jesus first, to trust Him. It’s in this place that all of our fears and uncertainties melt away.
Lord Jesus,
there’s no sugar coating what we are going through at the moment, and like Peter, a lot of us are scared and unsure.
We lay this down before you, we ask that a spirit of peace would rest upon us, that we would be still and know you: our protector and our faithful and loving God.
We pray that we would seek you first and know your peace and draw upon your promises to strengthen us.
In Jesus name we pray,

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